When the going gets tough, the tough gets Goins …

Goins Law is a firm that fights for the rights of every Texan and Louisianan. It is a highly sought firm that has established itself as bar none when it comes to clients and fearless when opposing insurance firms and other attorneys.

Goins Law was created to be the eyes of clients when they can’t see the ramifications of negligence. We are the ears of clients when they need someone to listen and understand circumstances and consequences. We help overcome challenges, which may include injuries, property damages and lost wages, along with the psychological and emotional turmoils that follow.

The Goins Law team focuses on all facets of protecting clients’ rights, be it negotiation or litigation. You need an attorney who knows how to help you maximize your compensation claim. Our success stories include felony and misdemeanor case dismissals, pre-litigation policy limits tendered by insurance companies to our clients and judgments in favor of our clients.

To date, our offices have collected an impressive amount of settlements for our clients. This number continues to grow as we adamantly represent those in need. Opposing attorneys and insurance companies know Goins Law is not afraid to try cases. This compels them to propose a settlement that is satisfactory to our clients who need compensation after being hurt or victimized. We are ready to show up in court when they do not make a good offer.

Today’s complex legal environment is not one where people should represent themselves. This is a costly mistake that could land you in a perilous situation. Waiting to “see what happens” in a legal matter is worse. The sooner you speak to one of our attorneys, the better guidance you will receive.

When the going gets tough, get Goins and allow a team of dedicated professionals to stand by, guide and provide legal options that get results. We provide a free case evaluation service and initial consultation. If your injuries prevent you from getting to Goins Law, don’t worry. We will get to you.


What Clients Are Saying

  • Five stars for Jonathan and staff.

    "Goins Law recently did some work for me and I was extremely satisfied wit the outcome. Thank you very much."
    John S.
  • You are great at what you do!
    "Can I just say if was not for you and you not giving up on your dreams, James and I may not have had our daughter. We need more loving caring people in the world like you!"
    Melody D.
  • Even the judge was impressed.
    "I graduated from college and had a criminal charge on my record, which stopped me from getting a job. I called Goins, and he handled a case for me in Baton Rouge. When he enters the court room, he turns into a different person. He is very intelligent and he knows his craft. The end result: my case was DISMISSED!! I was in the court room 30 minutes max..."
    Derrick M.

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