At Goins Law, we are dedicated to representing employees throughout Texas & Louisiana. We are committed to safeguarding employee rights and we always try to help employees obtain the best possible results for their cases.

As a team of dedicated employment law attorneys in Houston, we take great pride in the cases that we handle and are therefore well respected throughout the legal community. Call our firm for the help you need through each step of your case.

We represent employees who are involved in lawsuits against their employers for the following reasons:

If you have been discriminated against by your employer, it is time to stand up for your rights and allow our firm to fight on your behalf. We help clients who are experiencing discrimination based on age, race, nationality, gender, religion, pregnancy, and other protected characteristics.

Wage & Hour Disputes/Overtime Claims
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are required to pay employees time and a half for all hours worked beyond 40 hours in a workweek. If you are not being paid according to the law, we can protect your rights and ensure that you receive adequate payment. We also provide legal protection for individuals facing other wage and hour disputes with their employers, including minimum wage violations.

Sexual Harassment
Our firm helps clients who are being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. We can defend your rights and ensure that the responsible party is held accountable, whether the perpetrator is of the opposite sex or the same sex.


Employment law has been put into place in order to protect the welfare and the rights of workers in Texas, Louisiana and across the nation. When an employer or agency violates or takes advantage of you as their employee, not only do they threaten your job there but also your ability to support yourself and your family. At Goins Law, we fight discrimination, harassment and wrongful treatment in the workplace in order to protect and preserve your ability to pursue a fulfilling career.

When a conflict or complaint needs to be filed as a result of discrimination, wage and hour disputes/overtime claims, or sexual harassment, wrongful termination, severance agreements and negotiations, and whistleblower and retaliation claims we can handle administrative hearings for employees before the appropriate government agencies or courts. We have been in practice for 10 years and continue to fight for the rights of employees who are being taken advantage of by their employers.

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